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Sunday, February 3rd 2008

10:14 AM

Spiraling into Hollywood

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

SPIRAL, Adam Green's follow-up to HATCHET, is coming to home video on February 19. Prior to that, it will get theatrical exposure in a handful of exclusive engagements around the country, including an engagement at the Lammmle's Sunset 5 in (West) Hollywood, with Green and some other guests in attendance to answer questions after the film.

Here is a list of dates and theatre locations that Green to his MySpace freinds:

  • HOLLYWOOD, CA - Laemmle's Sunset 5: On opening night (Friday the 8th) Co-director Adam Green will be at the 7:45pm screening to introduce the movie and do a brief Q&A afterwords where he will be joined by some special guests from the film. If you live in Los Angeles- come celebrate the opening night with the cast and crew.
  • AUSTIN, TX - Alamo Drafthouse: Monday February 11th
  • NEW YORK, NY - Landmark's Sunshine Theater: Friday February 15th
  • PORTLAND, OR - The Clinton Street Theater: This is the city where the film was shot...and how cool to see a movie in the actual theater that a scene of it was shot at?

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