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Friday, July 20th 2007

8:39 AM

Sunshine 80% fresh

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

SUNSHINE - the new sci-fi thriller opening today - received an 80% fresh rating in this survey of 51 reviews (41 fresh, 10 rotten) at Rotten Tomatoes. The cream of the crop rating from critics at major outlets was even higher: 88. The overall consenus is that director Danny Boyle's film offers "dazzling visuals and intelligent action."

  • "An extraordinary film, operating simultaneously at visceral, psychological and spiritual levels as it takes us on a voyage into space with the fate of mankind at stake." - Kirk Honeycut, Hollywood Reporter
  • "Near-classic modern science fiction." - Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
  • "While the unfathomable burning brightness of the sun bathes the whole picture in flashes of cinematic dazzle, Boyle and his team ground the story in details chosen for their sophisticated, underplayed authenticity." - Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly
  • "In a bold attempt to create a fresh update on the ever-flagging sci-fi movie genre, director Danny Boyle achieves a visually stunning cinematic poem that is as bewitching as it is infuriating for its dependence on genre cliches." - Cole Smithey, Colesmithey.Com
  • "Like a collapsing star, Sunshine initially burns brightly but finally implodes into a dramatic black hole." - Derek Eley, Variety


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