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Friday, July 13th 2007

9:12 AM

Captivity 12% rotten

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

CAPTIVITY - the new thriller written by Larry Cohen and directed by Roland Joffe - earned a dismal 12% rotten rating in this survey of 16 reviews (2 fresh, 14 rotten) at Rotten Tomatoes. There was no "cream of the crop rating" - apparently the distributor has been hiding the film from critics at major outlets in America, so we have to rely on our British brethren for comments.

Care to guess why the film has kept such a low profile? Guessing will not be necessary when you read the available reviews...

  • "Joffe and his screenwriter Larry Cohen deserve a little credit for pointing up the psychological horrors where they can, but Captivity is still a grubby, exploitative film with an extremely guessable twist and universally dull performances." Paul Arendt, BBC
  • "The film itself is a very sorry and unthrilling piece of nastiness, peddling some pretty crass nonsense about what it imagines to be female psychology." - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian (UK)
  • "It flunks because it’s one of the daftest, dullest films I’ve seen in an absolute age." - David Edwards, Daily Telegraph
  • "Larry Cohen, an experienced horror hand, wrote this, and Joffé does his best to keep the tension boiling up to a ridiculous climax. Even so, everybody involved should be ashamed of this nasty farrago." - Derek Malcolm, This Is London
  • "Captivity is an abomination, and perhaps a new low in the torture-porn genre: a film I liked even less than Hostel." - Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph
  • "Like Black Snake Moan, this is a film where poster campaign proves more provocative than content." - Total Film
  • "Torture junkies should remember it’s only four months to Saw IV -- so you can afford to avoid Captivity." Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

Elisha Cuthbert in CAPTIVITY


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