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Tuesday, July 29th 2008

9:39 AM

Ted V. Mikels Grindhouse Double Bill

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski
  • Event Date & Time: Tonight, starting at 7:30pm
  • Location: New Beverly Cinema - 7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles (323) 938-4038
  • In Person: Actress Francine York (THE DOLL SQUAD)

The New Beverly Cinema has finally announced the schedule for tonight's Grindhouse Double bill: a tribute to schlock auteur Ted V. Mikels. Below are excerpts from the press release:

The Grindhouse Film Festival returns with a special Ted V. Mikels double-feature on Tuesday, July 29th, at the New Beverly Cinema. We'll be screening Ted's film THE DOLL SQUAD and will have star Francine York (THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS, CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE, CITY BENEATH THE SEA, and a ton of TV appearances) in attendance to introduce the film and do a Q&A afterwards. This film, also starring Michael Ansara, Anthony Eisley and the incredible Tura Satana, was the uncredited inspiration for the original CHARLIE'S ANGELS TV show and should not be missed. Following THE DOLL SQUAD will be a second, surprise Ted V. Mikels film.

Admission for the two features plus a reel of rare exploitation trailers and our world-famous free raffle is still only $8.00.

  • 7:30pm  THE DOLL SQUAD (1973. Directed by Ted V. Mikels Starring Michael Ansara, Francine York, Anthony Eisley, Tura Satana and John Carter
  • 10:00pm SURPRISE TED V. MIKELS TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED. Directed by Ted V. Mikels

For additional information and schedules for upcoming events, visit theGrindhouse MySpace page at


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