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Wednesday, April 30th 2008

5:12 PM

Dario Argento talks about the Mother of Tears

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

For Cinefantastique I recently interviewed Dario Argento, director of MOTHER OF TEARS, which is due for a platform release this June. Argento's last big international hit was SUSPIRIA in 1977, the first part of a trilogy that concludes with MOTHER OF TEARS. Since SUSPIRIA, his films have received at best limited theatrical distribution in the U.S., so fans should be glad for any chance to catch a glimpse of this one on the big screen.

Among many other topics in the interview, Argento explains the long gap between MOTHER OF TEARS and the second part of the trilogy, INFERNO, which came out way back in 1980:

  • The story is very long – over 25 years. At the time, I come from SUSPIRIA and INFERNO. I spent more than five years, on both films, and studied magic and painting and religion and history – many things. I was tired. I wanted new adventures. For this reason, after INFERNO I wanted to do some thrillers like TENEBRE or other types of things like OPERA. I also produced many films for my friends like Michele Soavi and Lamberto Bava. My life went in different directions. After many years, I said, ‘Yes, I will. The story is incomplete; I want to finish.’ I take a long time, for three or four years, during the shooting of a film, and I think about the story. And then suddenly a small suggestion comes in my mind. Then I start to write the story. Then collaborate with the two American writers, Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson. [Walter Fasano and Simona Simonetti also contributed to the script.] It was good. I was again enthusiastic to speak about these themes – themes of magic, themes of the occult, so many themes I know very well. The imaginary, the spectacular. Paintings, too, old paintings about the devil and the Sabbath.

You can read the entire interview here.


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