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Wednesday, April 23rd 2008

9:30 PM

Movie Orgy Report

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski
  • In Person: Joe Dante, Quentin Tarantino, Jon Davison, CLu Gulagher

Unfortunately, I did not make it out to the "Movie Orgy Night" on Tuesday that wrapped up the series of films at the New Beverly selected by Joe Dante, but friend and writer Dennis Fischer did, and he filed this report:

  1. I ran into Clu Gulagher, who reported that his son John was busy editing FEAST II. Also in attendance were producer and co-compiler Jon Davison, Quentin Taratino, and Joe Dante himself, who introduced the notorious compilation, the 4 hour and 19 minute cut-down version titled SON OF MOVIE ORGY STRIKES AGAIN. He explained that the project was crudely cut together from 16mm clips and the single print had toured college campuses all over the country. He also informed the audience that it was very much a product of its time (roughly 196 and that references that got big laughs then tend to go almost unnoticed now (e.g., Tonto telling the Lone Ranger, "We camp here. Good grass nearby" or Peter Graves reacting to Morris Ankrum's plans to drop an A-bomb on Chicago). The longer 7 hour version had interspersed chapters of the Bela Lugosi serial THE PHANTOM CREEPS, but that material has been eliminated in this shorter version. Instead, we have clips from ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN, SPEED CRAZY, TEENAGE MONSTER, EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS, TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, THE GIANT CLAW and others mixed with generous helpings of TV show segments (including a truly surreal one from ANDY DEVINE AND FRIENDS showing a cat and mouse playing "What a Friend We Have In Jesus), old commercials, army training films, and occasional bits of animation, usually juxtaposed for maximum amusement.

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