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Friday, March 28th 2008

9:16 AM

Opening Today: "Superhero Movie" Flies Past Critics

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski
SUPERHERO MOVIE - the latest in too long a line of obviously named spoofs - opens today without benefit of critics screenings. We will refrain from pointing out the obvious inference, leaving you to draw your own conclusions. The listing for the film at Rotten Tomatoes reveals only one review, posted by Luke Y. Thompson in the OC Weekly blog:
Director Craig Mazin has delivered a groundbreaking, whip-smart comic-book spoof that deftly deconstructs the genre without relying on surface-level’s called The Specials, and it came out nearly eight years ago. Superhero Movie, which is only Mazin’s second directorial effort, is everything his first film was not: predictable, flat, name-dropping, tragically unhip, and likely to make a decent amount of cash.
Whatever the deficiencies of the movie itself, it has engendered a promotional video that brilliant parodies the infamous Tom Cruise Scientology video. If the whole film were this funny, it would be a comic masterpiece:

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