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Thursday, March 20th 2008

11:34 PM


  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

My review of SHUTTER - the remake of the excellent Thai Horror film - is posted at Cinefantastique Online:

  • Japanese kaidan are suffering from a severe case of cinematic over-exposure. The bright light of the projector bulb has burned away most of the mystery surrounding the various yurei, onryo, zashiki-warashi, and jikininki that have haunted the screen since Sadako emerged from her well in 1998’s RING. If there is a “seen it all before” ennui to recent Asian offerings, the American remakes have taken repetition one step further, creating a series of photo duplicates that have been variously air-brushed, blown-up, brightened, blurred, cropped, sharpened, and stylized in a failed attempt to surpass the superiority of the originals. SHUTTER, the latest photographic enlargement of an Asian horror picture, is clearer and sharper than many of its predecessors, but even the most expert re-touching cannot obscure the fact that we have seen it all before - and seen it again - many times.

Read the whole thing here.

Just a heads-up for fans of JU-ON: THE GRUDGE: Megumi Okina, who played Rika in that film, graduates from innocent victim to ghost girl in SHUTTER.


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