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Thursday, March 6th 2008

8:51 AM

I AM LEGEND Alternate Ending

  • Posted by: Steve BIodrowski

Check out the alternate ending for I AM LEGEND...

Personally, I cannot say it is much better than the theatrical ending that was added at the last minute. Neither one does justice to the book. The alternate ending wants to do something a little more complex than the explosive, sacrificial finale seen in theatres, but it doesn’t really come off, because the monsters were simply too inhuman for a final-reel about-face. When Neville started shouting, “I can help you” to the pack leader, I could not suppress a chuckle at the ridiculousness of trying to negotiate with these sub-creatures. Well, that is exactly where the film was originally headed. It might have worked if the foundation had been laid better. At any rate, judge for yourself



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