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Thursday, February 28th 2008

8:47 AM

Home Haunt News Interview

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

Over at Theofantastique, John Moreland has an interview with the proprietor of Home Haunter's News  & Reviews, a new e-zine devoted to specifically to amateur yard haunts (rather than pro haunts like Knott's Scary Farm).

  • TheoFantastique: How did you decide to create HomeHauntNews?

    Johnny: This can be a long winded answer so I will give you the short of it. I have been home haunting for many years. In that time I have learned a great amount from other home haunters in regards to prop building, lighting, make-up and also have made a lot of great friends. I love the whole haunt community from home haunters all the way up to the professional haunted attractions and the people involved. There are many different magazines and e-zines out there related to the haunt community and Halloween. I didn’t see any thing out there that was devoted to just the home haunter. That’s me, these are my people, my friends! So basically I figured I would offer something back to all the home haunters out there as a true thank you to them for being who we all are. This is where the idea of Home Haunters News and Reviews came from. Basically, something I can give back to my fellow haunters for there enjoyment and to aid in the continuous growth of Halloween. I could ramble on, but said “I will give you the short of it”.

Check it out...


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