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Wednesday, February 27th 2008

3:05 PM

Mario Bava: Poems of Love and Death

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski
  • Event Date & Time: film festival
  • Location: Egyptian Theatre - 6712 Hollywood Blvd
  • In Person: Joe Dante, John Dickerson, Eli Roth, Elke Sommers

In March, American Cinematheque will be presenting another tribute to the late, great master of Italian fantasy cinema: Mario Bava, Poems of Love and Death. There will be several in-person guests and lots of great prints, some of films not available on DVD.

BLACK SUNDAY starring Barbara Steele will screen at the Bavafest.

From the press release:

  •  A child's frozen hand appears at the window -- An unconscious woman is violated next to a rotting skeleton -- A sadist returns from the grave to torture his doomed lover -- To enter the world of Italian horror and suspense master Mario Bavais to step silently through a mausoleum filled with beautiful corpses. Bava is often praised as one of the cinema's great stylists - and his talent for exquisite cinematography and production design allowed him to commit some of the most atrocious acts of violence ever filmed. But beyond his stylistic gifts, Bava (who died in 1980) achieved a chilling poetry all his own, a lyricism that links him to Cocteau, Buñuel and the other great poets of the surreal and bizarre.

    Classic Bava such as BLACK SABBATH (from which Ozzy's band took its name) and BLACK SUNDAY starring Barbara Steele, both screening in Uncut European Versions, will be shown, as well as the rare "Not on DVD" CALTIKI THE IMMORTAL MONSTER,Bava's legendary lost film KIDNAPPED (aka RABID DOGS) and much more. Bava fans and directors in their own right, directors Joe Dante (THE HOWLING; HBO's "Masters of Horror"), Eli Roth (CABIN FEVER; HOSTEL) and Ernest Dickerson (NEVER DIE ALONE; BONES)will be on hand to introduce some of the double features in-person and actress Elke Sommer will appear in-person for the double feature of LISA AND THE DEVIL and BARON BLOOD. A Bava DVD giveaway will take placeat some of the screenings, plus a chance to win a copy of Tim Lucas' 1000 + pages, gorgeously full-color-illustrated All the  Colors of the Dark.

Many of the films have screened at previous Cinematheque Bava-fests, but a few of the titles are new to the schedule: BAY OF BLOOD (a.k.a. TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE); FOUR TIMES THAT NIGHT; KILL, BABY, KILL (a.k.a. OPERAZION PAURA); HATCHET FOR A HONEYMOON, and CALTIK THE IMMMORTAL MONSTER. If you pass up this opportunity...well, there is just no hope for you.

The series will run March 12 to 23 in the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.


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