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Sunday, February 24th 2008

2:05 PM

Juno: Best Cameo by a Gore Film

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

And the award for Best Cameo by a Gore Film goes to THE WIZARD OF GORE in JUNO!

That’s right: the PG-13 Oscar-nominated critical fave - about a sixteen year old girl dealing with an unwanted pregnancy - contains an explicit excerpt from Herschell Gordon Lewis’s unrated 1970 exploitation effort. Rather in the way that 1999’s Best Picture AMERICAN BEAUTY referenced RE-ANIMATOR, JUNO includes the clip as a way of signaling that the characters - and by extension, the filmmakers and the audience - are hip enough to appreciate cult entertainment and therefore should be considered “cool.”

The funny thing about the clip’s presence is that the hideous bloodshed could never have received a PG-13 rating in its original form, yet here it is, plopped right in the middle of an entertaining comedy-drama beloved by millions who would never even dream of sitting through one of Lewis’s blood-stained nightmares.

For more details, read the full article at Cinefantastique Online.


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