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Sunday, January 13th 2008

3:52 PM

One Missed Call review

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

This isn't exactly news, but the American remake of ONE MISSED CALL is not very good. Big surprise, huh?

The only thing surprising to me is that they even attempted it. The Japanese version is practically a parody. It's as if director Takashi Miike realized he was trying his hand at something that had been done to death and decided to have fun with it, pushing the cliches to the level of parody and trying to drive a stake through the heart of the J-horror genre.

The American film, of coure, ignores this, and presents the whole story straight up, as if it were something startling original tha would engross and frighten any audience, not having them yawning, "Been there, done that."

You can read my more in-depth review at Cinefantastique Online.


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