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Sunday, October 21st 2007

11:30 AM

Shriekfest winners

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

The Screamfest horror film festival will be winding up with its awards dinner later today. Meanwhile, rival Shriekfest has announced the winners from its festival, which took place earlier this month:

  • Best Feature Film: "The Chair" Directed by Brett Sullivan.
    Best Short Film: "A.W.O.L" Directed by Jack Swanstrom.
    Best Super Short Film: "No Sanctuary" Directed by Dan Lovallo.
    Best Feature Screenplay: "The Lost Girl" written by Michael Mongillo.
    2nd Place Feature Screenplay:  "Horror World" written by Rolfe  Kanefsky
    Best Short Screenplay: "Safe Passage" written by Michael Raymond
    Pretty/Scary Award: "The Cellar Door" Directed by Matt Zettell
    Best Cinematography: "Death's Requiem" Directed by Marc Furmie
    Audience Choice Award:  "The Cellar Door" Directed by Matt  Zettell
    Best Acting Performance:  James DuMont in "The Cellar Door"
    Best Special Effects in a short film: "Postcards from the Future" Directed 
    by Alan Chan
    Best Special Effects in a feature film: "Atom Nine Adventures" Directed by 
    Christopher Farley
    Best Key Art Award: "Zombie Love" Directed by Yfke Van Berckealer
    2nd Place Key Art Award: "House of Fears" Directed by Ryan Little
    Best Under 18 Film: "Vanilla County"  Directed by Nick Diramio.
    Best Under 18 Screenplay: "Empire of Wonders" written by David  Siudzinski

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