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Monday, October 15th 2007

8:43 AM

Scary Halloween for Hollywood?

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

Here's something really scary: The Hollywood Reporter points out that the current Writers Guild of America contract runs out on Halloween. If no new deal is reached, there could be a strike that could grind production to a standstill:

  • A specter is haunting Hollywood -- the specter of a writers strike.

    Like the boogeyman terrorizing the dreams of the little girl on “Heroes,” the gruesome prospect of a work stoppage gives nightmares to everyone associated with television production these days. And by the way, if a strike is imminent -- as is the general perception -- we probably won’t even find out who that boogeyman is because the “Heroes” season would be cut short.

    What a difference two months make. While a strike in January would have a minimal effect -- with 18-episode seasons of the existing series, down only slightly from the regular 22, in the can and all pilot scripts for next season in -- a walkout right after the Oct. 31 deadline would be hugely disruptive.

    A long strike would leave viewers with 10-episode seasons of their favorite scripted shows and tons of repeats....

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