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Thursday, October 11th 2007

10:13 AM

The Catacombs

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski
  • Location: 10800 Henderson Road - Ventura, California - 805-647-8623

Just got some information on a haunt I've never heard of before: the Cabacombs in Ventura. It's bit beyond the area we usually cover, but since we already have Seaside Haunt in Ventura listed, I figured why not?

Although the catacombs charges admission, it is not a professional effort; it is put on by a high school youth group to provide fun for the local kids, while bringing in some money and food donations The proprietors promise "a small but cool maze with a mild scare factor"; although the budget is small a few Hollywood FX professionals do help out.

For more information check out the website: Or email  

DATES: October 26-27
HOURS: 6:00pm to 10:00pm
ADMISSION: $7, $5 with food donation


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