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Sunday, September 30th 2007

9:36 AM

Spooky House and Turbidite Manor video

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

In 2005 (review) and 2006 (review), Turbidite Manor joined forces with Spooky House in Northridge, California. Spook House of course has been haunting for over a decade and a half; Turbidite, of more recent vintage, is ghostly attraction that captures some of the feel of the old Halloweed Haunting Grounds (no coincidence, since Turbidite creator Nathan Hamilton used to work at the Grounds).

Last year, I shot some video, including an interview with Hamilton; unfortunately, it was so late in the season that there was not enough time to edit and post it while the haunt was still open. Instead, I offer it up now.

Sadly, Los Angeles fright fans may find it difficult to visit Turbidite Manor in the future. The haunt will not be in operation this year (Hamilton is busy getting married), and when it re-opens for 2008 it will probably be in the San Bernadino area.

Thankfully, Spooky House will be back for 2007. This year's haunt opens on Friday, October 5.


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