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Tuesday, August 21st 2007

10:46 AM

Was Invasion director Hirschbiegel's body snatched?

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski

By now it's pretty much old news that THE INVASION (which opened this weekend) was a troubled production that got a thumbs down from Warner Brothers when director Oliver Hirschbiegel delivered his director's cut, leading to re-shoots directed by James McTeigue under the supervision of the Wachowsky Brothers.

The only thought I have to add pertains to this quote:

Hirschbiegel doesn't seem all that upset about their tampering with his creation. ''We had them come in and look at it with an original eye,'' he says. ''And they came up with some surprisingly smart suggestions that went further in my direction. Some of their suggestions pissed me off because the pages were just better than what I had shot.''

There's just something about the way Hirschbeigel claims to be happy that his film was taken over by outsiders and transformed into something else. Doesn't he sound - just a little bit - like the pod people in the film, who express gratitude that their bodies have been snatched?

Just a thought.

Anyway, my review of the film is available at Cinefantastique Online here.


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