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Tuesday, July 17th 2007

1:56 PM

Phantom of the Opera will go behind the Orange Curtain

  • Posted by: Steve Biodrowski
  • Event Date & Time: Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage musical
  • Location: Orange County Performing Arts Center - 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 556-2787

We try to focus on events in and around Hollywood (this is Hollywood Gothique, after all), but Orange County is close enough for most Los Angeles residents to make the drive if there's something they really, really want to see. For those who have yet to see a live production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, this may be such an occasion.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical will be at the Orange County Performing Arts Center from March 26 through April 19.

For more information on ticket prices, check out the official website at

Unfortunately, individual tickets for this production are not on sale yet; at the moment, only multiple-show subscriptions are being sold.

The play was turned into an indifferent film in 2004, directed by Joel Schumacher, but the movie came nowhere near equalling the box office appeal of the live production, which has been pleasing fans for decades.

Check out a montage of images from the original Broadway production, starring Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman...


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